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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  January 2, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PST

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comments. you can email us at . >> the hunt is on for a gun wielding terrorist who fired on police and stormed a nightclub in turkey. hello. i'm gregg jarrett in for harris faulkner. this is the "fox report". [sirens] a massive search is under way for the suspect who turned new year's celebrations into a nightmare, at least 39 people killed in the shooting including a police officer, dozens more wounded in the attack, we're getting word now that the evidence is emerging about the shooter. adam housley is live in our west coast newsroom. adam, what is this new evidence, and what leads do investigators have so far?
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>> reporter: right now the new evidence coming in is video. they have a couple different camera angles showing the assailant wearing a couple different outfits, does that mean more than one individual? turkish officials are remaining tight-lipped about it. the manhunt is under way across turkey, much of eastern europe. estimated 600 people were inside the nightclub around 1:15 this morning when the attacker opened fire. 39 killed. many foreigners about 70 injured. no one has claimed responsibility at this hour but the attacker was armed with a long barrelled weapon in one of the videos it shows. that the terrorist is hunted, turkish tv channel has the video of the individual, one that we know of, dressed in black, carrying a backpack, shoots down a police officer outside of the nightclub. a different camera shows him wearing different clothes in a santa-type hat. this is dark footage, at night, that's what it looks like. the strait on the european side
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of the city is where this took place and turkish authorities and leaders are continuing to deal with more than 30 violent acts over the past year alone in turkey. >> he brutally and savagely carried out this incident by firing bullets on innocent people who were there solely to celebrate the new year and have fun. this is a terror attack. >> reporter: and once again, gregg, in turkey the last year has been quite difficult for many people, over 30 attacks, counting this one. security already, i can tell you from firsthand experience in turkey is strict. going into a normal hotel means going through a metal detector and various guards and this attacker knew that and went after the guards first thing. >> adam, you mentioned the foreigners among the victims. do we know if americans are among those injured or killed? >> officially right now, the united states has said nothing, unofficially off the record, american authorities are saying
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one american was injured as i mentioned. a significant number, two-thirds of those killed were foreigners, many from countries as far away as india, belgium citizen among the casualties, saudi arabia and kuwait as well. one victim when he walked past the nightclub, you could see the man pull out the gun and target the security guards, gunning them down right away before going inside. the interesting thing for us, gregg, is the different angles of the video show a man wearing two different types of clothes. right now as far as we know and as far as turkish authorities are saying, there is one individual. could that mean two? could that guy change clothes that quickly, we know that some of those targeted jumped into the water. is that the way the man escaped. we don't know, gregg, the manhunt is across turkey and across europe. >> adam housley, thanks. national security officials briefing president obama on the situation in turkey. for more on that turn to white
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house correspondent kevin corke traveling with the president in hawaii. kevin, what's the white house saying about the attack in turkey and what is the administration offering to do to help? >> gregg, obviously, when you get updates like that, like the one you heard adam share, that means that security officials that are related to what the white house wants to do, it be domestically or internationally they are fully engaged with counterparts in turkey. and that also means, should i point out adding assistance that might be necessary be that humanitarian, security, or some cases, gregg, investigative assistance and we'll certainly keep an eye on that. let me share part of what ned price, spokesman of the nsc is telling fox news, the united states condemns in the strongest terms the horrific terrorist attack in istanbul, turkey which left many dead and many more wounded.
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many of whom were celebrating new year's eve underscores the savagery of the attackers, after the carnage left behind as you've been reporting after a devastating and senseless assault on humanity by terrorists, here's what white house spokesman eric schultz is saying, the president expressed condolences for the innocent lives lost and aimed appropriate information to turkish authorities and keep them updated as warranted. they are not only watching this carefully, we are too, sometimes events on the ground require we give you an update and should we get more details here, i'll pass them along to you, my friend, back to you. >> kevin, the president returning to washington tomorrow, he has a full agenda. he's taking a stroll, not literally, but down the avenue to capitol hill meeting with congressional democrats only. what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: oh, yeah, you better believe it.
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a new reality, they will be in control of the white house, which means for the president, a chance to unpack the remaining vestiges of his legacy items and in particular, listen carefully to how they try to promote the protection of signature legacy item, gregg, that is the affordable care act, obamacare. the president talking about this at length. republicans are committed to repealing and replacing the affordable care act, but the president is hoping to remind everybody that that means kicking millions of people possibly off the health care rolls, and that could be a political loser for the gop and attack point possibly for democrats. you can almost hear the president selling his legacy in his weekly radio address. >> keep america moving forward is a task that falls to all of us. sustaining and building on all we've achieved from helping more young people afford a higher education, to ending discrimination based on preexisting conditions, to
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tightening rules on wall street, to protecting this planet for our kids. that's going to take all of us working together. >> reporter: check, check and check, all the stuff you heard him talk about previously, gregg, that will be the agenda item dujour wednesday. back to you. >> kevin corke in hawaii. thanks. back to the situation in istanbul, a search is under way for last night's deadly nightclub shooter. turkey has been the target of multiple attacks recently including that of a deadly airport attack last summer. ben collins is u.s. army special forces veteran, a gren beret who served three tours of duty in afghanistan. he is our guest. good to see you. does this have all the hallmarks, the work of isis? >> well, it does, gregg, isis, turkey has been essentially dealing with two types of terrorist groups, one is the pkk a kurdish separatist
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movement and target military officials, police, military. isis specifically said they're going to target where westerners and nonbelievers attend, large groups. they said they were going to target new year's eve-type celebrations and this was a target against civilians, and a soft target of the so to me, it looks a lot like an isis attack. >> turkey, ben, is supposed to be an ally with the u.s. in the war against isis. indeed, turkey has over the last several months sent tanks and warplanes across the border into syria, in a coordinated campaign with western backed syrian opposition fighters tried to capture several isis strongholds, but you think erdogan has, what, tacitly supported the islamic state in the past, and therein lays the trouble? >> look, absolutely. i mean, look, erdogan, this guy was arrested in 1999 for inciting religious violence himself.
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there's a reason why in turkey, the military stood against islamic governance and erdogan has done everything he can. and a lot of this is his own policies come home to roost. you know, if you look at just on friday, turkey, you know, their director of religious affairs issued at a sermon said celebrating on new year's eve is illegitimate. muslims celebrate new year's eve off of a different calendar. for them new year's was october 3rd where they celebrated the year 1348. celebrating the gregorian calendar new year's eve goes against their faith. it's something that erdogan and certainly pro government publications, they were issuing cartoons with jihadists shooting down santa and sleigh with an rpg punching out santa. this is a lot of his own problems come to roost, gregg.
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>> are you saying this is a component of the increasing campaign against secularism by islamists? >> absolutely. and i think if erdogan had his way, there's nothing he would like more than just to have out in the open an islamic governance of turkey. and that's really what we're seeing, i think, a lot within the middle east right now. and it started with, you know, certainly in cairo a few years ago. it is that sectarian versus secular governance and that's a debate we've been seeing for a hundred years, but erdogan, to be honest, the only reason he let in after the isis atrocities within turkey itself, he allowed the nato forces to use incirlik for airstrikes. the airbase, which by the way holds the largest number of u.s. nuclear warheads, but that was the only reason, and even
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then they were basically utilizing it to bomb the kurds. but this is a guy, erdogan, that was essentially using turkish distributors to process isis oil on the gray market, so i mean, again, you know, they turned a blind eye to this and now it's come home and unfortunately these are the consequences. >> his actions belie his words, president erdogan. >> absolutely? ben collins, ben, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> right now president-elect donald trump is back in new york after making some rather cryptic comments on hacking allegations against russia. what he's saying about the likelihood of foreign interference in the presidential election. and check this out -- a vandal targeting a california icon. how police think they managed to accomplish it? ♪
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. gregg: welcome back. and a happy new year, president-elect donald trump downplaying the likelihood of russian interference in the presidential election. speaking in his new year's celebration in florida, he repeated his doubts about hacking allegations while simultaneously and perhaps inconsistently questioning the strength of cybersecurity in the u.s. >> i want them to be sure, i think it's unfair if they don't know, and i know a lot about hacking, and hacking is a very hard thing to prove.
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so it could be somebody else, and i also know things that other people don't know, and so they cannot be sure of the situation. gregg: brian llenas is live outside trump tower. brian, what does mr. trump know about hacking that other people don't know? >> reporter: good evening, gregg, look, president-elect donald trump was asked exactly that by a reporter about what exactly he knows that the public does not? and he says we will all find out what he exactly knows about hacking come tuesday or wednesday of this week. and the implication here, the suggestion is somehow he has information that has fueled his skepticism that the russians hacked the u.s. elections or hacked computers to interfere with the election. remember, the intelligence agencies in this country are confident that russia interfered in this election in an effort to help mr. trump get elected. and mr. trump has doubted these reports from the get go, and last night he said he seeks to
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question these intelligence agencies. >> i just want them to be sure because it's a pretty serious charge, and i want them to be sure, and if you look at the weapons of mass destruction, that was a disaster, and they were wrong. so i want them to be sure. >> reporter: he also said that he would advise people not to use computers when discussing or sharing sensitive material he. also said that cybersecurity would be a, quote, very important priority for his administration, and he also really said that interestingly enough, that all this comes a week after he has said he was encouraging people to move on from this hacking situation, and now the announcement that there could be more of a new announcement from him about the hackings. gregg? gregg: well, he says he knows more about isis than the generals. maybe he knows more about hacking than the 17 intel agencies that said it was russia. in the meantime, you know, he and surrogates continue to
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criticize the white house for imposing sanctions on russia over hacking. >> reporter: that's right, president-elect donald trump says that, remember, he went on twitter and praised russian president vladimir putin for not retaliating against president obama and the white house after they imposed those sanctions which included the expulsion of 35 russian diplomats and earlier today on abc this week the incoming white house communications director sea the sanctions could be politically motivated because china did their own hacking two years ago and the white house decided not to punish them. listen. >> no action publicly was taken, nothing. nothing was taken, when millions of people had their private information, including information on security clearances that was shared. not one thing happened. there is a question about whether there's a political retribution here versus a diplomatic response.
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>> reporter: on fox news sunday today, republican senator tom cotton from arkansas said he believed he agreed with the sanctions but did say it was a little too late and overdue. now this underscores that many republicans do agree with president obama's sanction against russia over the hacking, including the house speaker paul ryan, gregg? gregg: bryan llenas outside trump tower, thanks. the trump team defending the president-elect on twitter use. it's been his go-to for getting message out to m . cheryl: i'm heather.a. david: i'm clayton. cheryl: i'm heather. çç çç çç b
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. gregg: welcome back. i'm gregg jarrett, this is "fox report," manhunt under way for the shooter in a deadly nightclub attack in istanbul. the gunman seen on video surveillance wearing what appears to be a santa hat where new year's celebrations were well under way. terrifying eyewitness accounts emerge as the search continues for the terrorist. investigators say evidence gathered at the scene is revealing more about the attack that left at least 39 people dead, dozens more wounded. world leaders speaking out today condemning the attack that has rocked turkey, a nation sadly familiar with large scale terrorist attacks. john huddy has more from the mideast bureau. >> reporter: turkey's prime minister says a key piece of evidence was left behind in the vicious attack, a gun. massacre started just after
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1:00 a.m. at the reina nightclub in the neighborhood of istanbul, a popular shopping area at the foot of the bridge filled with bars and restaurants. more than 600 people were inside the nightclub celebrating the new year when the attacker shot and killed a policeman and civilian out front and stormed inside spraying the place with gunfire. in a panic people jumped into the freezing river as others hid behind couches and under tables. turkey's prime minister denied reports the gunman was wearing a santa claus outfit. surveillance video shows him wearing a santa hat inside the club, he was initially seen dressed in all black and carrying a backpack outside the venue, he may have changed once inside. so far, no group has claimed responsibility of the most brutal attacks in turkey last year were carried out by either isis or kurdish militants. pope francis condemned the attack in new year's message along with other world leaders including russian president vladimir putin who said that
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russia stands with turkey in fighting terrorism. the white house also called this a horrific terrorist attack. the first terrorist attack in 2017. gregg? gregg: john huddy in the middle east. thanks. the international community reacting to a new provocation from north korea. this, after leader kim jong-un suggested a long-range ballistic missile test may be imminent. elizabeth prann has the latest. >> reporter: hi, gregg, in annual new year's address, north korean leader kim jong-un hinted to north korea and the world his country is close to testing intercontinental blimp and tests have reached the final stages. research and development of cutting edge weapons have become active, and the intercontinental rocket missile test fire preparation got to the final stages. >> reporter: kim did not explicitly say whether the tests were imminent but has a date on january 8th and
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pyongyang conducted a nuclear test on january 6th. in 2016, the communist nation carried out nuclear tests while carrying 20 ballistic missile tests in that time period alone setting an annual record. it strongly condemns kim's threat to proceed with a test launch, it goes onto say the international community will not tolerate his efforts to develop nuclear weapons. it also threatens tougher sanctions and additional international pressures. south korean diplomat and former u.n. secretary ban ki-moon expressed deep concerns as well. >> north korea is continuing to provoke the international community by testing ballistic missiles. united nations has already taken five sanction measures. it is important that all international community members should fully cooperate. >> reporter: north korea has been under u.n. sanctions since 2006 over nuclear tests.
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sanctions were increased at the end of 2016 after its largest test back in september. gregg, back to you. gregg: elizabeth prann, thanks. the new year's international headlines were dominated by terrorism all year in 2016, with isis and isis-inspired attacks sparking fear around the globe. fox news senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot is in london with a look at the year's biggest international stories. greg? >> reporter: concerns over terrorism once again taking center stage throughout 2016. a new year's day, a man opens fire at popular tel aviv bar. the attack leaves two israeli men dead and several others injured. isis-inspired attack in france having far deadlier results. a man intentionally drives a cargo truck into crowds celebrating bastille day in the resort town of nice. 87 people killed including the suspect who was gunned down by police. isis also claiming
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responsibility for a coordinated terror attack in belgium. two men blew themselves up at the brussels airport, while another explosion took place ban hour later at a train station. more than 30 people were killed in the bombings and hundreds more injured. by autumn, iraqi forces were leading the fight to retake mosul from the islamic state. troops taking heavy fire and heavy suicide bombs as they go block by block trying to remove isis militants from iraq's second largest city. also in the middle east, the civil war in syria continues to drag on. the u.s. along with rebel groups work to defeat the militants but russia complicating the situation by launching airstrikes against both isis and rebel forces. the fighting leading to an ongoing humanitarian crisis. millions of civilians forced from their homes and tried to leave the country, while others remain trapped in syria without reliable access to food or medicine.
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in other news, earthquakes rattled various parts of the globe. in february, a magnitude 6.4 temblor hit taiwan killing more than 100 people. two months later, ecuador is hit with a magnitude 7.8 tremor leaving more than 600 dead. italy is plagued with multiple quakes with the largest one killing nearly 300 people in august. in turkey, thousands of people are arrested or removed from positions after a failed coup attempt. during the coup more than 230 people and i would thousands more injured. in cuba, the end of era as longtime leader fidel castro dies at the age of 90. he ruled the island nation for nearly five decades. in mexico joaquin "el chapo" guzman is captured.
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the zika outbreak making headlines all over the world with south america being particularly hard hit. more than 100,000 cases of the confirmed advice reported in brazil alone. there is no cure for zika which is transmitted by mosquitoes. brazil also in the spotlight as rio de janeiro hosts the olympics more than 200,000 athletes taking part in the olympics in august. voters in the united kingdom choosing to lead the european union, a decision leading to a change in government in the uk with david cameron stepping down and theresa may taking his spot as prime minister, and the catholic church naming a new saint, mother teresa is canonized by pope francis in recognition of her work with the poor in india. she is known as st. teresa of calcutta. the world will be watching to see what president-elect donald trump does when he takes office in january.
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a story sure to make headlines across the globe throughout 2017. in london, greg palkot, fox news. gregg: a big party certainly demands equally big cleanup, especially when you have a million guests. how crews are tidying up times square? plus a prankster up to no good last night in hollywood where there's a need for weed. that's right. read the sign. ♪
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. gregg: welcome back. times square beginning to return to normal. about one million folks packed times square to ring in the new year last night. and that's one big party, and that means one big mess. new york crews were out early this morning. i can attest to that, cleaning up everything. 235 workers hitting the streets with 45 collection trucks, picking up 44 tons of debris. and they finished around 7:00
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a.m. los angeles waking up to a new year's day surprise. the iconic hollywood sign vandalized to read hollyweed, the lapd says somebody climbed up on the mountain after midnight and placed tarps over the o's, vandal was caught on surveillance camera but his or her identity remains unknown. from a lightsaber wielding police officer to an ipad stealing dolphin, 2016 had no shortage of whacky moments caught on camera. here are some of our favorites. >> woo! ♪
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>> oh, my god! >> oh! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪.
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>> buffalo, can i get a hell yeah! >> hell yeah! >> each can be the world kale eating champion. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪. >> mike pence. >> mike pence? >> yes. >> the governor of the state of indiana running for vice president.
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gregg: all right, some of it was funny, and some of it was gross, but we hope you enjoyed it. pair of protesters risking life and limb in today's vikings-bears game in minneapolis, somehow stealing the rafters urging u.s. bank to divest from the dakota access pipeline, the demonstration did not interrupt play, they had to remove six rows of fans in case the protesters whoops, fell. until the game was over, they arrested them, go directly to jail, do not pass go. the matchup for the college football title is set. highlights from the peach bowl, is it peachy? what's next for the advancing eight teams. queen elizabeth raising new concerns about her health. what buckingham palace is saying about the q q q q q
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. gregg: queen elizabeth missing new year's church services today raising new concerns about her health. a buckingham palace spokesperson says she is recovering from, quote, a heavy cold. queen elizabeth has been in poor health this holiday season. a bad cold forcing her to skip church services on christmas as
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well, but the 90-year-old monarch is up and about going about business as head of state. fans bidding farewell to an icon of 70s television as we learn that "m*a-s*h-" star william christopher died. he played father mulcahy, a beloved television figure. the actor passed away after 5:00 this morning at his home in pasadena, california. he was diagnosed with cancer more than a year ago and been in hospice since the beginning of the week. he was 84 years old. it's a little-known story that resonates five decades later, theafrican-american women helped propel astronaut john glenn on his historic spaceflight. groundbreaking legacies a part of a new movie called "hidden figures". fox news vice president of marketing michael tamara has
1:53 am
more in the fox light. >> i have never seen a mind like the one your daughter has. you have to see what she becomes. >> i saw the trailer, i was like wow, didn't know the story, and nasa was progressive for the day. and the movie, you're like, no, not so much. >> it's just amazing to me that the story wasn't told. it's amazing that these women are heroes, like they're heroes, you see capes behind them but they're not there. i looked at footage and you saw a man smoking a cigarette. no women there, they were important. if we didn't have them, where would we be today? >> i need a mathematician to look beyond the numbers. >> catherine is the gal for that. she is handle any numbers you put in front of her. >> so many stories that are buried and takes somebody saying it's worthwhile when the short story is written, you put once that story is the pebble
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in the pond. >> they're doing things in space and thinking about the . . p, as even there as rigidly as they were, it's one of the breathtaking things when i first read it. >> have you identification? >> we're on our way to work at nasa, sir? >> i had no idea they hired. >> quite a few women working in the space program. >> your character rose to the moment. tell me about that. >> i play dorothy vaughn, dorothy was the leader of the african-american -- color computers, and she figured out the ibm, and because she was mechanically inclined as well as a brilliant mathematician she taught herself to program the ibm and taught the other women in the pool. >> we hope it service as an inspiration to young girls and see this as an opportunity and
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consider s.t.e.m. as a career choice. >> on any given day i analyze the air, friction and velocity and compute over 10,000 calculations by hand. >> yeah? women do things at nasa. >> these women had a broader world view, i hope that other young women when they see, this and older women, they are inspired and realize when we're united, we can achieve the extraordinary. >> when people watch "hidden figures," i think they're going to suspend who they are and come out a little different. >> there's no protocol for women attending. >> there's no protocol for men circling the earth either, sir? >> we're in the fight of our lives, people! >> looks like a good movie. february 6th it comes out. january 6th? all right. january 6th. even better. get ready for a rematch at the college football championship game. defending champs alabama will return to the title matchup
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after defeating washington 24-7 in the peach bow. clemson advancing after a blow out over ohio state, the tigers knocked out the buckeyes 34-0. bama and clemson all over again. clemson look for revenge after last year's narrow loss. they'll get their chance monday january 9th. the movie "hidden figures" is on the 6th. you got it going on. who says the party is over in scotland? they are just getting warmed up so to speak. ancient truth behind this new year's celebration. ♪ ♪
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. gregg: and finally, everywhere else in the world new year's celebrations are winding down. but in scotland, they are just getting started. today begins the three-day ancient winter festival of hogmen ae. they kicked it off in plunging river water along with the frozer bath of winter solstice festival includes torch ceremony and scotland there's whiskey and a lot of it. okay. that's way too cold for anybody. and that's our "fox report" this sunday, january 1st, 2017. i'm gregg jarrett, thanks for watching, have a greatatatatat heather: it is monday, january 2nd, 2017. president-elect trump back home in new york, trying to calm american's nerves about russian hacks with a major revelation.
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>> you know that other people don't know. >> you will find out on tuesday or wednesday. heather: will the president-elect strip all those sanctions or slap on even more? we're live in washington, d.c. ♪ clayton: isis now claiming responsibility for the deadly nightclub massacre in turkey. the intensifying manhunt for a gunman wearing a santa hat. as the sole american wounded speaks out. how he was saved by his cell phone. heather: and the blame game over mariah carey's new year's eve meltdown. was it sabotage? >> put these monitors on, please. just with the lips. ♪ oh -- heather: ouch. the bitter feud boiling over between team mariah and dick clark productions. "fox & friends first" starts
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right now. ♪ clayton: live look at new york city, still recovering from mariah carey's outfit and melt down on new year's eve. you're watching fox and friends first on this monday morning. i'm clayton morris. heather: good morning to you. i'm heather childers. hope you have a save and happy new year. the holidays are over and president-elect trump is back to work at trump tower. topping the agenda, russian hacking and whether to retaliate. clayton: doug mckelway live in washington, d.c., with the latest as mr. trump promises new information on the cyberattack. good morning, doug. good morning, clayton.


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